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Let Us Fight For You

At the Law Office of Danny Soong APLC we believe in unrelentless uncompromising advocacy to bring maximum justice to our clients and to make the world a safer place, one case at a time.

Danny Soong Esq. started his legal career working for top prominent insurance defense law firms, Kinkle Rodiger & Spriggs in Los Angeles and Hollins Schechter, in Santa Ana.     

Attorney Soong represented slip and fall claims at Kinkle, Rodiger & Spriggs, commercial claims for Crum & Forster and automobile accident claims for Mercury Insurance Group.   

Attorney Soong moved laterally in 1999 to Hollins Schechter, the lead panel counsel for Farmers Insurance Exchange.   Attorney Soong defended clients in claims or lawsuits resulting in amputations. avulsions, brain injuries, burns, deformities, orthopedic injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, scarring and wrongful death.  Attorney Soong also started arbitrating and trying jury trials at a very early stage in his legal career.   By his fifth year of legal practice, Attorney Soong was trying jury trial cases involving demands which exceeded low to mid six figures.   Hollins Schechter offered Attorney Soong partnership in 2002 after merely three and a half years.   Attorney Soong became the fastest associate to ever be offered partnership in the firm’s thirty-year history, as well as the firm’s youngest partner at age thirty.

Attorney Soong felt that, despite eight years of excellent defense work, that his true calling was to represent injured plaintiffs and victims of accidents.  The Law Office of Danny Soong has been successfully representing individuals in all types of personal injury cases, vaccine injuries and wrongful death lawsuits nationwide.  Attorney Soong has obtained many record-setting results.   Attorney Soong has negotiated the following settlements in 2020:

1 OF THE TOP 5 VACCINE INJURY SETTLEMENTS:                              $41,000,000

FATAL TRUCKING ACCIDENT:                                                                 $6,000,000

ASSAULT & BATTERY (STABBING BY SECURITY GUARD):                  $1,000,000


If you or any of your loved ones have been involved in a personal injury accident, the Law Office of Soong will be honored to represent you or your loved ones to procure a fair, just and reasonable result whether by way of settlement or trial.   

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